Personality Development

A person with great personality can succeed in life with much ease although these are no formal definitions of personality. We at KGSKF, believe that it is a combination of lots of factors. By means of our affirmative, training modules, we offer one of the most comprehensive personality skill program in the most practical manner.

  1. Physical: The programs at CAMP HORIZON will help you to develop your physical fitness. We have programs for:
    • Basic survival skills.
    • Obstacle course
    • Treks
  2. Soft Skills: SHINE: Self-help Improvement and Enhancement Training: It is a module built for youths to develop soft skills in such a manner that they are able to adapt to any situation and become an effective part of the team. OPUS: Oratory and Public Speaking Skills: This is a course designed to sharpen verbal communication and at individual , team and community level.
  3. Team Building and Leadership Skills: KGSKF who have very broad and yet sharp focused vision to provide the best fit advice and solutions to develop your community and team skills.

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