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A free seminar was conducted by KGSKF in conjunction with Lion’s Club Regional Chairperson LION Mrs Nisha Sharma. In the seminar Capt. K Gopal, Founder Chairperson of KGSKF, Capt. Amrendra and Wing Cdr. Mahanubhav and LION Mrs. Nisha Sharma conducted a very lively session on Career opportunities in Armed Forces in general and Army , Navy and Air Force in specific. The seminar was attended by more than 100 students and their parents. This was conducted on 24 th of Oct, 2018.

On the occasion of Republic day , a musical program “EK SHAM VATAN KE NAAM” was conducted by BOOND foundation. During this program Capt. K Gopal conducted a session on career in Armed Forces. The gathering was attended by more than 250 students and parents.

A SKYline trek was carried out to various trekking routes and especially done to train the native Adivasi youths as trek guides. This SKYline trek was conducted from 0630 HRS to 2230 HRS by SKSKF and Camp HORIZON team. This was done on the 27 th of Jan , 2019. 7 local youth were trained and the trek covered a distance of 52 km (so the name derived – SKY Line trek)

A days trekking activity was organised for St. Jacobite church members as their outing was done at CAMP HORIZON. A 40 member team was taken to through the jungle to an enormous vertical rock formation where they were demonstrated how rock climbing activity is done. This activity was headed by experienced climbers. The trek members also participated on ascending and descending the vertical rock.