Merchant Navy Training

Career in Merchant/Marine:

  1. Deck : Cadet, NWKO, 2 ND Officer , Chief Master
  2. Engine : E Cadet, TMO, 4 ER, 3 ER, 2 ER, Chief ER
  3. Cruise Lines
  4. Office (Oil & Gas)

The mercantile marine is the back bone of the global trade and economy. Almost 98% of goods by weight and 90% by value is transported by sea. What else could be more satisfying than to be in-command of a large tanker/Bulk Career, Cruise liner ?!!. We help you to identify the right career option in merchant marine.


Cadet, NWKO, 2 ND Officer, Chief Officer & Master are the deck officers who are responsible for the safety of navigation, cargo and all other operations pertaining to safety of the life at sea. Being a company headed by Master Marines, we at KGSKF, will guide you, hand hold you to go under the training to achieve this career path.


Engineer Cadet, TMO, 4ER, 3ER, 2ER, Naval Constructor (Ship Builders). These engineers are one of the back bone of the maritime industry. They are the force behind the Marine industry. This career option gives you an unlimited view, insight and confidence to handle any kind of machine in demanding circumstances across the globe, afloat and ashore. At KGSKF, we help you to prepare and train at the best marine engineering facilities in India and abroad (UK, Europe).

Cruise line Industry:

It is one of the most sought after career option at sea and due to its inherent glamour and earning potentials. Please get in touch with us for more information and opportunities in this field.

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