Life Skill Enhancement

At KGSKF, we endeavour to provide best learning opportunities to enhance the life skill of the students and participants in our program. We follow some of the most advanced systems and processes in simple steps as follows:


The camp HORIZON is an outreach program which operates from our facilities located at the lap of nature and wilderness. They provide opportunity to learn from physical challenges thereby developing courage, innovation, team spirit and physical fitness. For more detail about CAMP HORIZON programs, please contact us.

Self-improvement and inter personal Skills:

The KGSKF team and infrastructure provides the learning and improvement opportunities for self- improvement like SHINE (Self-help improvement and Enhancement program) and OPUS (Oratory and Public speaking) , IQ , Prometric and Psychometric test to bring up the level of self-awareness and improve the overall confidence of a student/participants. The personality development, grooming, antiquates and manners , ethics and values, programs are self-contained modules which are provided by us which will compliment and fortify the academic learning of any student. For more information please contact or write to us.

Hobbies and Higher Awareness programs:

We also provide and enabling learning and motivating environment to develop hobbies and spiritual motivation programs which lead to complete development. At present we provide with our associates Kathak, Yoga, Power Yoga, Meditation, Drone operations, Star Gazers Club, Archery , Camping, Suba , Snorkel etc.

For more information please contact us or write to us.