English Speaking

Regardless of age, background and experience, our ability to speak fluently in English can lead to great opportunities in our professional and social lives.

The Spoken English course is designed to develop a learner’s confidence and speaking ability in practical purpose. The format of the class also includes vocabulary and pronunciation of words through interactive lessons on a variety of topics: people, places, things, processes and day-to-day conversations.

Program objectives :

  • Frame grammatically correct sentences in English.
  • Address issues related to parts of speech, tenses, active and passive voice, direct and indirect narration.
  • Enhance English for everyday situations.
  • Build vocabulary naturally.
  • Present thoughts and ideas coherently.
  • Express yourself in groups of people and formal situations confidently.
  • Speak in Neutral Accent.
  • Enhance or provide ear training to students to understand sounds that are not there in their native languages.

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