Aviation Training

It has always been a dream of every child to be able to fly like birds. At some or the other stage in life we have aspire to fly. It is not only a dream but today aviation is one of the most vibrant sector of global economy.

It offers very rewarding and satisfying careers. We at KGSKF offers you an end to end counselling and guidance to make your dream and ambition a reality.

Airline Pilot (PPL/CPL/ATPL) :

It is a dream to be a Pilot in Command of one of the most sophisticated airlines flying across the globe. We offer you a complete package to be an airline pilot starting from ground subjects, Medical and flying – Personal Pilot Licence (PPL), Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) in India, USA, Canada and Australia.

Air Hostess:

Career as an Air Hostess is one of the most glamorous and high flying profession indeed. It requires one to be having a great personality, people skills, and physical fitness. If you are looking to be one of them, we at KGSKF will hone your skills in such a manner that you will be able to be successful in this rewarding career. Please walk-in at our institute or long on to www.kgskf.org and send in your inquiry and we would surely get back to you at the earliest.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME):

Aircraft Maintenance and ground support team are the silent force behind the high flying machines of the aviation industries. AME jobs offers you technically advanced and cutting edge technologies in the Aircraft Engines, Airframes, Avionics and many more disciplines like computational science etc. We at KGSKF, will help you to join this coveted career path and help you to undergo training at most prestigious Aviation Colleges/University’s in USA, France, Canada and UK.

For more information please contact us or write to us.