About Us

K.G Strategic Knowledge Forum

At KGSKF our aim is to provide the best enabling life skills tools and resources to each and every person with right attitude to develop an enabling aptitude to achieve highest altitude in professional and personal life.

We all know that in this ever changing world, full of uncertainties , the only certainty is change. In order to keep up pace with ever evolving world with a limited life span, one needs to HONE and enrich skills to upgrade.

Achieving maximum trajectory in any career path best suited to your skills is not confined to the books but to the correct direction at the best elevation.

We provide the strategic knowledge & skills with right tools to identify the right direction in the most informed manner at the opportune moment..

At KGSKF we understand that a gain or loss at a certain moment shall not make us feel having lost the battle but it should rather motivate us to HONE our skills in the right direction in pursuit of excellence. We understand that it is a continuous process of sharpening the strategic life skills and traits is the most important differentiating factor which leads to better opportunities and positioning that are followed by success.

Capt. Krishan Gopal

Capt. Krishan Gopal was born in 1962, New Delhi. He is a Defence veteran and alumni of 64th course of the National Defence Academy. He has served in various capacities in the Indian Navy as Lieutenant Commander, Ships diving officer & Basic Hydrographer & Communication Officer in military service. There after he had an illustrious career in the Shipping Corporation of India as Chief Officer, Master in Mercator Shipping. He also served in corporate world in Standard Chartered Bank (Head Security, India), HSBC Security Manager, Microsoft Regional Security Manager SW Asia.

Till recently he was in command of various offshore vessels (PSV/MSV/DSV/AHTS etc) and Modular Oil Drilling Units in India and abroad as unlimited Dynamic Positioning Officer (DPO). In addition he is an associate fellow member of Nautical Institute (UK).Through the creation of this Education trust KGSKF (Section-8 company), he intends to provide strategic life skills to bring best in each individual in an ongoing manner so as each and every person can explore and develop/realize his/her best potential.

Mrs. Nisha Sharma

MJF Lion Mrs. Nisha Sharma was born in 1965, Jamnagar Gujarat. She is an accomplished entrepreneur in wellness & life skills. She is deeply involved in the social work since 2000 through Lions Club.

She is a science graduate from MB University and PG diploma in hotel management from Pune, India. She has been in forefront of efforts to guide and provide structural support to tribal kids and children with special abilities. In addition, she has been coordinating relief work be it floods or drought under the aegis of various charitable organizations.

KGSKF is a brain child of hers, who has inspired the idea "Every person has a right and freedom to choose the best opportunities and options irrespective of individual circumstances".

Mr. Kulvir Singh Narwal

Mr. Kulvir is senior Diving Supervisor with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). He is a Veteran from the Indian Navy having served in Hydrography and Diving streams. A very humble and sincere person who has also served as a teacher in Haryana education department. A philanthropist by choice. Mr. Kulvir has been one of the brains behind KGSKF. He has supported this effort with his valuable time and financial resources. Kulvir is focused on study, live and work abroad vertical of KGSKF and also heads the Rohtak centre of excellence (COE) to provide guidance, counseling and all necessary support to students proceeding abroad.

Mrs. Indra Narwal

She is a humanitarian at heart and believes that gender equality is the way forward for our generations to come. Although she is part of Haryana Health department she has been working for Child care in general and especially girl child in particular. Her involvement and motivation for the Rural/Backward population is well recognised. Her efforts to bring up the best of opportunity to the children are worth a praise. Her contribution to the child welfare is well above and beyond the call of normal duty. One of the finest example being that her elder son is a commercial pilot and younger son is a Major in the Indian Army. She is a great proponent of dignity of labour and human values.

Mr. Kurian Zakariah

He is an accomplished builder based at Navi Mumbai, in addition he is pious human being who values life and well- being of others well above all. He is been a guide and staunch supporter of KGSKF. A Philanthropist at heart who believes in line with the biblical philosophy “Help EVER but hurt NEVER”.

Mrs. Raji Kurian

A very religious accomplished persona who is very un- assuming and humble in nature. She is a firm believer in her faith that well-being and success of fellow human beings is the best way to contribute to this society and world. A great outdoor enthusiast who has been promoting adventure and leadership initiatives of the KGSKF.